Celebrating 50 Years of Manutan

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This September we are celebrating 50 years of Manutan being by your side. Our story is one in which you’ve played a big part in and we’d love to say a big thank you to everyone involved!

This milestone has got us feeling a little nostalgic. So we took a look at where it all began…

Keys’ Journey

Our journey started in 1973 and since then we’ve been adapting our offering to bring the best to you.

  • Key was co-founded by Andre Guichard and Mike Osmond-Jones.
  • They met through the forklift truck industry in 1960’s and when Manutan took off in France Andre suggested Mike try the concept in the UK – Key was born.
  • Our first catalogue was produced in September 1973.
  • In October 2008 we bought catalogue production in house.
  • We’ve grown print from producing one main catalogue a year to three mini catalogues, one main catalogue and monthly mailers in 2016.

Look at how the catalogues have evolved over the years!

Keys' Catalogues over the years

  • In 1992 Mike retired and sold his shares to Manutan & Key were wholly owned by the Manutan family.
  • January 2016 Manutan private label products were launched.

To celebrate 50 years of Manutan each family member held their own celebration – at Key we planted an Empress tree chosen by the group to symbolise fast growth. We didn’t hold back in celebrating, fully embracing the 70’s with fancy dress & a company lunch.

The tree was planted by our two newest and two longest standing employees who have been with us for over 35 years.

Manutan 50th Celebration Tree Planting


To celebrate and say a big thank you to all our loyal customers we have some great deals on some of our favourite products from the Manutan range.

Victoria Vaughan