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Generally in the United Kingdom, the weather is chilly, damp, and rainy. So when all of sudden we’ve got lovely warm sunshine, it can be hard to get into that summer work mindset and know the right PPE equipment to help you stay cool whilst also keeping you sufficiently protected. You need cooler alternatives and we have just what you need. We’ve selected a few solutions from our range to help you out;

Head-Baseball Style Bump Caps are perfect for environments such as building sites where there is a risk of head injury. The addition of the peak will help to protect your eyes and skin from sun damage. Though we’d always recommend that you use sun cream to properly protect your skin.

 Baseball Style Bump CapsBaseball Cap Hard HatAirPro Baseball Bump Caps


Body – Even during the summer you still need to make sure that you remain visible whilst working. Lightweight visibility vests and cooling vests will help maintain safety whilst also working to keep you cool on hot days.

High-Visibility Work Vest - ManutanChill-Its® 6685 cooling vest

Legs – It can be tough wearing work trousers on hot days. By design, they’re hard-wearing and thick to help reduce the risk of injury whilst also providing durability. Workwear shorts with useful pockets, designed with construction workers, laborers, carpenters, plumbers, and a plethora of other roles in mind will still afford you many of those same features whilst also helping to keep you cool.

D Mach Work Shorts Grey/Yellow

To view our full range of PPE you can click through to our website here, or to be able to view our full Summer range, you can browse our summer shop.

If you would like further help with finding the right PPE equipment you can always contact us either via webchat on our website or by calling us on 0800 652 6000, where our customer service team is always happy to help.