How to Dispose of Office Furniture

Whether you’ve decided to refurbish your office or looking to make some more space, we have put together some ideas on how to dispose of office furniture which will be both cost-effective and eco-friendly. 

Ideas on how to dispose of office furniture

Donate office furniture to charity

Donating any office furniture you no longer need to charity is a great way to make more space in your office and help give back to the community. Just bear in mind that you may need to ask around a few charity shops, as not all of them will have the floor space to sell it.  

If you really struggle to find a charity that can take your office furniture, you can search for an online organisation that you can donate it to or even list your furniture on a selling platform such as Facebook Marketplace for free. 

Sell office furniture 

If your office furniture is still in good, usable condition, you can always sell your items as someone else may be able to make use of them! You can advertise and sell your office furniture online using platforms such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace which makes the selling process incredibly easy!

If you choose to sell your items, just remember to follow the guidance on whichever app you use so that buyers are aware of the condition of the item and whether they need to pay for delivery or come to collect the furniture. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Make sure that the office furniture is clean and the condition listed is accurate
  • Take lots of photos to show off different angles of the office furniture
  • Price your office furniture fairly

Contact your local council

If you are unsure on what to do with your office furniture, either because it is damaged beyond repair and it is unfit for donating or selling, your local council should be able to advise you on the best way to dispose of your office furniture. For example, they may be able to recommend a suitable removal service or collect it themselves – that said, having someone collect your furniture may come at a cost, which is why you should explore other options first.

Hire a clearance service 

Now, this option will not be as cost-effective as the previous ones but if you need to dispose of your office furniture quickly and you have some money to spend in doing so, you can always hire a commercial waste clearance service such as Wayst. With a service such as this, you can arrange for your office furniture to be collected and removed from your site – and you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting! 

What else can you consider?

You now have some ideas for how you can dispose of your office furniture, but have you considered repurposing your old office chairs and desks? Finding another use for furniture is a great way to make the most out of items you already have which can both save you money on purchasing other furniture and will help to reduce the impact it may have on the environment. You could consider: 

  • Reupholstering old, damaged and dirty fabric with new fabric
  • Using filing cabinets as storage space in another part of the office
  • Turning your old cubicle dividers into notice boards or whiteboards 

There are lots of alternative uses you could find for your office furniture if you decide not to dispose of it. That said, what you choose to do with your office furniture will depend on your business’s needs, budget and space available. 

Looking for some new office furniture? 

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Thomas Hewitt