Henry & Friends – Meet the Gang

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Henry – a household name and an icon. This little guy holds a special place in our hearts. He gives everything he can to make your workplace spotless and always with a smile.

Whilst Henry caters for most cleaning needs, his close friends all bring something unique to the table.


Henry Cordless HVB160

The new kid on the block. He believes through the power of modern cordless technology you need no longer be tied down in your cleaning. He is a free as a bird to clean every corner of the workplace and with on-board tool storage he’s ready for anything.

His battery power will last for up to 30 minutes and without a cord your cleaning time is cut!(Henry loves a change of scenery, so take him outside & set him to work for a spot of car cleaning!)

Henry Xtra HVX200

Henry Xtra is a jack of all trades with a tool for every job. Fully equipped with a variety of nozzles and attachments including a soft dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle and easy ride Airobrush.

In particular, his Airobrush offers exceptional carpet care and is ideal for picking up pet hair whilst the hard floor brush is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces.

Henry – HVR200

Classic Henry is laid back and carefree. As you may already know he has a tool for every job and his 9L capacity keeps him cleaning for longer.

With a 10m cable and TriTex filtration system, he makes vacuuming a breeze.

Hetty – HET200

With added glamour, Hetty boasts everything Henry has to offer and more. With a flutter of those eyelashes and a cheeky smile she makes the daily clean seem effortless.

Numatic Vacuum Cleaners


Harry is an animal lover, he strongly believes being animal friendly doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on cleanliness.

Harry boasts the same features as Henry, but with 2 extra pet friendly benefits. A Microfresh activated charcoal filter to minimise odours from pet hair and a dual purpose HairoBrush which is perfect for collecting pet hair on carpets & upholstery.

Dogs, cats, and even llamas – there is no pet Harry can’t take on.


James is a frugal fellow and is all about keeping things simple. He is a no bells and whistles kind of guy and is purely focused on delivering that perfectly vacuumed workplace.

He’s slightly lighter than Henry and is A rated energy efficient. James comes with HepaFlo filtration, a comprehensive accessory kit & aluminium tube set.


Charles believes in being ready whatever the weather. Wet or dry, he is prepared for anything.

Dust and dirt are no obstacle for Charles and if someone calls for a plumber you can count on him to unblock the sink or swiftly clean up a spillage.

He comes with hepaflo bags for dry use and a safety float valve for wet pick-ups. Tubes are lightweight aluminium – so he won’t get rusty and he comes with various nozzles for wet and dry applications.

Rest assured you’ll be safe in Charles’ hands.


George has the whole package – there is no job he can’t handle. Dry, wet, scrubbing, deep cleaning carpets, George is your man.

His twinflo’ bypass vacuum motor, powerflo’ pump system and 16 piece extraction kit provides you with professional cleaning standards, anytime, anywhere, ensuring exceptional results.

He can power through and work extensively for long hours whilst still maintaining a high, professional standard.

With Henry & friends by your side, anything is possible. Browse the Numatic range here.