Top 10 Winter Products

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The weather has turned very cold over the past few weeks, so here at Key we thought we would put together a list of the products we think you will most need to be prepared this winter.

  1. White De-Icing Salt – this is an essential to be prepared for the winter, and the ice and frost that comes with it! It is very fast acting and can be used with most spreaders we sell.
  2. 10kg Ice Melt – this is an alternative to the de-icing salt mentioned above, and is more effective as well. It can be used on concrete and vegetation and leaves no residue, which means no clearing up later on (always a bonus).
  3. Plastic Shovel – this shovel is amazing for clearing pathways and similar areas, as it has a deep scoop and a metal lip, which means it’s harder to break!
  4. Heavy Duty Snow Plough – this plough clears drives and pathways far quicker than shovelling would, and can be used in up to 5 inches of snow.
  5. 30kg Medium Duty Spreader – this spreader is great for small areas, and is compatible with our de-icing salt and ice melt, so you can choose which is more suitable to your needs.
  6. 396ltr Grit/Salt Bin – this bin is brilliant for main roads and private premises, and has a huge 396ltr capacity (up to 20 x 25kg bags of salt), so you should be able to stock up and be well prepared!
  7. Mini Grit Bin Kit – this is the perfect starter kit if you’re buying to grit driveways and steps. It comes with a mini grit bin, a scoop and a bag of rock salt. Everything you need to get started!
  8. 196ltr Grit/Salt Bin – this bin is very useful in car parks. Its size means it won’t get in the way, but it provides enough storage to supply a car park.
  9. Winter Hat & Glove Set – wrap up warm with this glove and hat set. The gloves are coated for excellent grip and the hat is made from soft polar fleece, keeping you toasty warm!
  10. Mini Oil Filled Radiator – this little heater is great if you’re in need of additional heating. It has a carry handle so is easy to move around, and comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can set it just right for you!


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