How to Help Prevent Hypothermia

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If you think about conditions like hypothermia, you will often think of freezing temperatures and lots of snow. However, you put yourself at risk just by being out in the cold without appropriate clothing – this is something everyone should be aware of.

What is Hypothermia?

If your body temperature drops below 96 degrees Fahrenheit it is called hypothermia. When your body is exposed to cold temperatures it begins to lose heat faster than it is able to produce it. Eventually this will use up your body’s stored energy and result in abnormally low body temperatures. This affects the victim’s brain, thoughts and movements.

How can I recognise Hypothermia?

Symptoms of hypothermia include the following:

  • Shivering uncontrollably.
  • Slow speech.
  • Memory lapse/confusion.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Drowsiness.
  • If left unattended, eventually it will lead to a loss of consciousness.

What can I do if someone is suffering from Hypothermia?

  • Get them to somewhere warm.
  • Remove any wet clothing.
  • Use blankets, hot water bottles etc to warm the person up.
  • Provide a warm drink.
  • Get medical attention – this is the most important thing to remember.

How can I prevent Hypothermia?

  • Dress in layers and wear warm clothing wrap when venturing outside.
  • Wear a hat as we lose a lot of our body heat through our heads.
  • Also wear gloves or mittens.
  • Use waterproof clothing.
  • Eat/drink warm good/drink regularly.
  • Keep active when it’s cold to keep warm.


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