Keep Your Workplace Warm This Winter

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Winter seems to come round rather quickly and it’s important to start thinking about ways to keep the workpalce warm and employees happy! After all, happy employees means a more positive workplace, and greater productivity.

Sometimes finding an effective way to keep a workplace heated can be difficult, everyone has different preferences to how hot a workplace should be. We have some suggestions you may find useful for extra heating:

  • In the Office – Oil filled radiators would be perfect for an office environment as they are quiet and retain heat. They easily fit under desks and most have wheels so are easy to move.
  • In the Canteen – Convector Heaters would be a good option for extra heating in a canteen because they do not blow dust/debris around – so you avoid a dust covered lunch! Also, convector heaters can be wall mounted so they’re not a trip hazard.
  • In the Warehouse -Fan Heaters are ideal for heating large areas like a warehouse. They warm areas quickly by blowing the heat around the surrounding area.
  • Outdoors – Warm Clothing is essential if any of your staff are outside in the cold, its important that you provide what they need to keep warm. Things like hats and gloves and fleece jackets will ensure they don’t need to be defrosted at the end of the day!


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