Clothing for Winter

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The term ‘appropriate clothing’ is always mentioned when winter rolls round, but what does that mean? This post will help clarify what you should be doing to protect yourself from the harsh weather.

An ideal way of keeping yourself warm when working outside is to wear thermal underwear. This gives you a good base to layer upon. Check out our list below for a head to toe makeover – well a warm and dry makeover!

  • Hat and glove winter set: Your head and hands are very vulnerable to the cold when working outside in bad weather. Our hat and glove winter set is perfect as both have a warm, fleece lining to keep you warm and toasty when you have to venture outside.
  • Winter Jackets: Wearing a warm jacket is essential when you’re working in an outside environment. Why not try our bomber jacket as it is both water resistant and has a fleece lining. Now the days are getting shorter, is it’s very important to be seen in the dark evenings. For both warmth and high visibility, our High Vis Softshell Jacket is ideal.
  • Work Trousers: Many of us tend to wear lots of layers on our top half, but forget our bottom half. Our work trousers can provide warmth whilst also being lightweight. For extra protection take a look at our waterproof trousers to help keep employees warm and dry.
  • Footwear: If you are traipsing around in snow, ice or rain all day, it is vital you keep your feet warm and dry. We have a new range of thermals, including these amazing thermal socks that would be ideal for outdoor workers. We also have a huge range of work boots available to keep your feet toasty warm and dry.


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