Manutan products: All about the 3 private labels

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When it comes to corporate purchases, product range levels are a real issue. No longer confined to its entry-level image, private labels are now an increasingly popular alternative for procurement departments. This is why Manutan has developed three brands to meet the different work needs of its customers: the Manutan brand for everyday products, Ikasorb® for absorbents and Ikatex® for the wiping of industrial surfaces. 

The Manutan private label 

In essence, a private label offers an alternative to national brands at a lower price. At Manutan, we wanted to go even further by combining four key commitments for our private labels: 

  • Careful selection of products, based on our expertise; 
  • Quality first and foremost, with a 10-year guarantee on all our products*;
  • Competitive pricing, with prices on average 15% lower than market leaders; 
  • A wide choice of eco-friendly products and accessories. 

Manutan products, everyday essentials at a competitive price 

Continuously upgraded, the Manutan brand now includes more than 5,800 product options that meet companies’ daily needs. It covers eight main product categories: 

  • Office; 
  • Warehouse; 
  • Industrial supplies and tools; 
  • Packaging and storage containers; 
  • Safety; 
  • Outdoor area; 
  • Cleaning and hygiene; 
  • Catering. 

All these products are used every day on site in the working environment: masks, pallet trucks, spout trays, trolleys, electrical equipment, warning tapes, hand towel dispensers, seats, locks, unwinders, adjustable screen holders, etc. These long tail spend products are essential for the smooth running of business activities. 

Among these everyday references, companies can also find value-added materials and equipment such as products that are: 

  • Ergonomic, which help to ensure the health, safety and well-being of end users; 
  • “Lean”, which boost team performance (visual management board, labelling, etc.); 
  • Configurable, which are customisable according to your needs; 
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, such as eco-friendly soaps and absorbents. 

Ikasorb® and Ikatex®: two expert private labels 

Ikaros, a specialist and leader in environmental protection in Sweden and Finland, is part of the Manutan Group. Over 15 years ago, the company created and developed two expert brands to meet the needs of its clients: Ikasorb® and Ikatex®. 

Ikasorb®, a specialist in absorbents 

The Ikasorb® brand offers nearly 70 products for the prevention, limitation and management of spills of polluting liquids (oils, solvents, hydrocarbons, acids, etc.). These products are used in the event of accidental spillage, small leaks or drips resulting from daily maintenance operations. The Ikasorb® brand includes two main types of absorbents: 

  • Synthetic absorbents, which can be found in the form of rolls, sheets, pillows or socks. The latter have a very high absorption capacity. 
  • Absorbent granules, which are more environmentally friendly because they are made from natural components (vermiculite, diatomaceous earth, tobermorite, wood particles, etc.). The new models guarantee an absorption capacity almost equivalent to that of synthetic absorbents. 

Practical and economical, Ikasorb® products are also available in safety kits. 

Ikatex®, an expert in the wiping of industrial surfaces 

The Ikatex® brand encompasses some 20 products specialising in the cleaning, wiping and polishing of industrial surfaces (bodywork, printing, furniture, etc.). The brand’s products meet every need. 

Paper rolls 

The Ikatex® paper rolls have a high absorption capacity. They come in two materials: 

  • Pure cellulose wadding paper; 
  • Recycled paper. 

A colour code is used to identify the different uses: 

  • Chamois for industrial use; 
  • Blue for the food industry; 
  • White for multi-use; 
  • Etc. 

These paper rolls are manufactured in Europe and are Ecolabel certified, underlining an increased effort to reduce environmental impact while maintaining an excellent level of performance. 

Non-woven cloths 

The Ikatex® non-woven cloths are suitable for all purposes. More resistant than paper, they also have a high absorption capacity. Several packaging formats are available: 

  • Dispenser boxes; 
  • Sachets; 
  • Pre-cut rolls. 

Both practical and economical, this packaging allows a reduced quantity of cloths to be used. 

Textile cloths 

The textile cloths by Ikatex® are the most sustainable option because they are: 

  • Resistant; 
  • Washable; 
  • Reusable. 

They can be used in all industries, except the food, pharmaceutical and cleanroom industries. 

Developed using highly resistant materials, Ikatex® products are suitable for many uses. Efficient and very absorbent, they are available in several formats and colours. 

Why choose a private label? 

Private labels have many advantages. Yet, within companies, end customers still tend to consume
“high-end” products, also referred to as premium products, for this type of need.

However, if we take the example of the Manutan, Ikasorb® and Ikatex® private labels, they offer excellent value for money. Not only do these brands show a level of quality equivalent to national brands, but they are also up to 15% cheaper than premium products! This is why it is always important to ensure that the consumption of products is adapted to the functional needs for which they are intended and, above all, to make end users aware of this issue. 

Adopted by procurement departments, the Manutan, Ikasorb® and Ikatex® private labels offer: 

  • A level of quality equivalent to premium brands; 
  • A longer conventional warranty; 
  • Attractive and competitive prices; 
  • Expert advice and help; 
  • An efficient and responsive after-sales service. 

In addition, there is a money-back guarantee! 

Combining generalist and specialist brands, in addition to its dynamic and virtually unlimited range of over 500,000 products, the Manutan Group has one ambition: to ensure that all your long tail spend needs are met, whatever the type of product required. 

* 3 years on consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE) products 


Victoria Vaughan