How to Hang Heavy Cabinets on Metal Studs

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Metal building materials are mainly used for industrial construction, however, the use of metal materials (such as metal studs) are increasingly being used in residential constructions too. This is because, in comparison to wood, metal studs are lighter, fire-resistant, cheaper and straight – making them easy to work with. 

In this article, we will go through the steps required to hang heavy-duty steel storage cabinets on metal studs. Due to the properties of metal studs, it is essential to also use toggle bolts, which will secure heavy objects. 

Steps to Mounting Heavy Cabinets on Metal Studs

Buy the right tools

First things first, you need the right hardware to do the job. Tools you will need for installation are as follows: a stud metal detector, drill bits and countersink bits; clamps for holding cabinet face frames in the correct position whilst you drill in the holes; a drill driver; and two carpenter’s levels (1x2ft and 1x4ft).

Find the metal studs

A magnetic stud metal detector is easy to use and will locate the metal studs behind the wall. All you need to do is run the stud finder along the wall in the area you wish to mount your cabinet and when a stud is located, you can mark its edges with a pencil. 

Drill a hole half an inch wide to insert a toggle bolt

Please keep in mind that it is important to drill accurately, as many metal studs are quite small (approximately 1.25 inches wide). 

Insert the toggle bolt and attach a cabinet mount

As you do this, ensure that the bracket is level before tightening the bolts. You will need to tighten them until they are secure against the stud and wall. 

Attach your cabinet to the wall

This is the final stage! Once you are confident that the mounting bracket is secure, you can hang your cabinet. 

How Much Weight Can You Hang on Metal Studs? 

The amount of weight that you can hang to metal studs will depend on several factors, including weight limit and the spacing between metal studs.

The load weight limit for metal studs can really vary but generally speaking, the higher the metal stud, the less weight it can support. With this in mind, it is a good idea to space taller studs out closer to each other to ensure that the structure remains stable and supportive. 

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