Sweltering Summer – Cool Ways to Stay Cool at Work

When heatwaves scorch the UK, it can be an uncomfortable time for those of us still stuck at work!  Many of the UK’s offices are old buildings and lack the efficient air-conditioning found in warmer countries.  Never fear, though; Manutan is here to help!

One of the simplest ways to keep cool is to buy a fan or air cooler – we have a superb range to entice you with:









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Tip: for an extra bit of chill, try placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan; this has the effect of mimicking air conditioning, as the air, the fan displaces cools over the ice!

For those of us who will need to work outside of the office, the heat at this time of year can be harsh.  Simply getting sunburn – just once every 2 years – can *triple* your risk of melanoma skin cancer.  Always make sure your skin is protected – and Manutan UK can help you, offering both dispensers and sun cream:


Sun lotion

Another sensible way to stay comfortable in the heat is to dress appropriately, but most work-wear in the UK is designed to keep you warm in our (normally) chilly, damp weather!  In this unusual heat, it can be hard to find work-wear designed to keep you cool, but Manutan UK can help you with items like the below:






The need to stay hydrated is even more important, in order to avoid heat-related illness.

The official advice from both government and the meteorological office is the same: drink extra water (or lightly flavoured alternative) in order to stave off the negative effects of dehydration.  Avoid alcoholic, hot, or sugary drinks (including tea and coffee) because these can make dehydration symptoms worse.

One very good way to make sure your office has a ready supply of cold, drinkable water is to have a water cooler – invest in your (and your colleague’s) health this summer, and get one today!










And finally, if you are fortunate enough to be able to open those windows up wide, you might also like to think about investing in one of these:







Alas, catching that elusive breeze also comes with the risk of catching midges, mosquitoes and other biting insects.  And on top of the risks of painful insect bites, there is nothing more annoying than that one fly that has found its way in, but can’t seem to find its way out again!

Manutan hopes you will enjoy the nice weather.  Nevertheless, we would like to help you stay comfortable, and stay safe!

Victoria Vaughan

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