Office organisation – tidy desk, tidy mind

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Hand on heart, is your office a picture of organisational perfection? Or, more realistically, could the whole place do with a good old fashioned de-cluttering?

If you want to reclaim order, we’ve come up with a few ideas for different parts of the office which are simple to implement but have great results. No more excuses, it’s time to get organised!

General messiness

Could you simply do with more storage space at the office? If you’re surrounded by work paraphernalia and need a grand sorting out, de-cluttering and reorganising your workspace could be more cost efficient than you imagine. This exercise will have an instant impact on your work environment and state of mind!

We love…

Our office shelving department is packed with great ideas to help get your office ship-shape and organised. When you’ve found places for your files, boxes and everything else a workplace accumulates, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in storage sooner.

Paper mountains

We all thought that computers would reduce the amount of paperwork wafting around the workplace. Poke your nose around the door of any office today and you’ll see just how wrong we were!

So, what can we do with this mountain of paper? File it all logically, box it up neatly and stack it somewhere safe. Once you get into the routine, this method of filing essential paperwork is a real space and sanity-saver in the office.

We love…

Really Useful Boxes have come to the rescue with their fantastic plastic boxes for filing. Ideal for lever files, some of these stackable boxes also features an integral lip to hang suspension files straight in the box!

Have a look at the plastic storage boxes and archive boxes for filing inspiration.

Archive pandemonium

For infrequently used documents, research, old projects and anything else that you want to keep hold of but don’t need on a daily basis, choose a box filing system. Keep them neat, tidy and out of sight…until you want them again.

The only problem with this system is laying your hands on precisely what you’re looking for weeks, months or even years after you packed it away. At Key, we have the answer…

Employ a colour coding system keeping certain documents in certain coloured boxes. That way you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for when you need it.

We love…

The Chrome Really Useful Bays with Boxes is simply perfect for archiving. This system comes complete with boxes in different colours and a shelving unit to keep them all in.

Stationery mayhem

Is your stationery supply cupboard messier than a teenager’s bedroom floor? Do you dread the day your pen runs out because you’ll have to face that chaos to unearth a new one?

 Banish the mess and get organised. By carefully sorting and storing your supplies, you’ll condense the amount of room needed, find specific items easily and realise in good time if you’re running low on stock.

We love…

A Really Useful 6 Drawer Mobile Unit is just the thing for organising your stationery. Pop one at the end of a desk or somewhere central for all staff to access when needed.

Go one step further and choose small boxes from the Multipurpose Boxes & Containers section and sub categorise your stationery products. These boxes are clear so you can find what you want, with secure lids meaning your stationery stays put. They make great pencil cases too!

The staff room of doom

With people coming and going all day long, it’s no wonder staff rooms end up messy no-go areas. Your visit to this sacred room should be a mini-break from work, not an extended treasure hunt culminating in a sugarless brew made with a mystery tea bag from the back of the cupboard.

Imagine the calming effect of carefully organised teabags, coffee, sugar and, if you’re very lucky, biscuits, all neatly stored and ready for your next break. Choose one nice, clean, clear plastic container per item, stack them neatly and your staff room will be instantly transformed.

We love…

There are plenty of great food-safe containers to choose from in our plastic jars and pots section. While you’re there, make sure you check out the Victorian PET Jars. We particularly love their vintage style, adding sweet shop nostalgia to every tea break.


We could go on…we’re full of great ideas to revamp and reclaim your workplace, but why not browse our website and discover something new for yourself?