Justrite cabinets are extra strong, sturdy & secure. They are FM approved, high performance and designed to withstand fire for a minimum of 10 minutes. Justrite Cabinets meet OSHA & NFPA 30 – Exceeding COSHH Standards.

Designed to withstand fire for a minimum of 10 minutes

Justrite cabinets have been constructed to limit the internal temperature to no more than 325 °F (162°C) when subjected to a 10-minute fire test.

The cabinets will keep the flammable and combustible fluids stored inside from reaching spontaneous combustion for at least a minimum of 10 minutes – allowing time for employees to leave the premises and the sprinkler system to help put the fire out.

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Unique Features

 Justrite Cabinets

1mm Thick Double Steel Walls

Double cabinet walls are made from sturdy 18-gauge (1mm thick) welded steel with 1.5inches (38mm) of insulating airspace for fire resistance. The door astragal provides additional sturdiness & the formed internal offset adds rigidity and strength.

Dual vents with built-in flame arresters at bottom and opposite top

Dual 2″ (51-mm) vents with flame arresters. These are effective in preventing the transmission of the flame.

Exclusive Haz-Alert™ Reflective Labels – Patent Pending

Reflective labels provide high visibility in the dark under fire conditions or power outage when illuminated by a flashlight beam. Warning in three languages. Large international warning icons enhance global communications.

Patented SpillSlope® shelves

Safety shelves direct spills to the back and bottom of leak proof sump. They adjust on 3″ (76-mm) centers for versatile storage. Shelves meet ANSI MH28.1

3 Point Bullet Locking System – Patent Pending

The 3-point stainless steel bullet self-latching system provides failsafe door closure with increased heat resistance.

Sump Tray

2″ (51mm) liquid-tight containment sump to collect any leaks.

Grounding Connector

Built-in grounding connector (optional grounding wire) to make sure the cabinet is safely grounded.

Exclusive U•Loc™ Handle – Patent Pending

Accommodates optional padlock for extra security and key coding multiples for convenient access. Double key set included for keyed lock.

Self-Closing Doors (self-close models only* – patent pending)

Doors will self-close and self-latch automatically in sequence to ensure tight closure from the top of the door to the bottom. This is ideal if an employee forgets to close the doors during a fire.

The self-close mechanism is enclosed for obstruction-free access to the top shelf.

*Coming to the range soon!

Fusible Links – hold doors wide open & melt at 74ºC

Fusible links hold doors completely open to allow easy access. They will melt at 165°F (74ºC),then doors will self-close and self-latch to protect the contents of the cupboard from fire (on self-close models only – coming soon).

Fully Welded Construction

Fully welded construction with no rivets provides greater protection in a fire as air gaps are reduced.

Rounded Safety Corners

Rounded corners reduce accidental nicks or cuts and potential hand injuries.