Why does home working improve employee commitment?

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Recent events have driven many businesses to explore the option of home working fully. According to the polls, 79% of homeworkers find that this improves their commitment; 75% of employers say they found the same. Furthermore, efficiency and productivity were both seen to improve by 88% of employees and 71% of employers.

Why does home working produce such an excellent level of engagement? Here we shall go through some of the reasons.

More Time, Less Travel

Homeworking often reduces travelling time, and the time that gets saved is a chief motivator for up to 46% of employees. As travelling is tiring, many employees find home working also gives them more energy for concentrating on their tasks.

A Peaceful Space

When working from home, employees are less likely to be interrupted. Remote working noticeably reduces the number of unneeded telephone conversations and emails you would get on a typical working day. Being able to work in peace – especially if children are in school or daycare – definitely improves productivity and efficiency.

More Autonomy

For 88% of employees, but also 86% of employers, remote working encourages autonomy. This feeling of freedom undoubtedly increases working commitment and well-being. When an employee feels more autonomous, the more invested and productive they are, benefiting from the flexible work environment.

Better Well-being

Working from home and saving on travelling time can provide a great sense of well-being. For the vast majority of remote workers (an impressive 89%) working from home leads to a better work/life balance.

More Control 

According to science, the ability to choose and change your home working environment can give you a meaningful sense of control. The neuroscientist, Dr Gaëtan de Lavilléon, says that this is: “associated with greater job satisfaction in general. The sense of control corresponds to being able to influence, modify or transform one’s environment”.

Being able to choose your working environment to suit your needs and inclinations gives you much better job satisfaction.

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Steven Williams