At Key, we know how crucial storage solutions are to your business or home, so we stock a large variety of plastic boxes to ensure you’ll find the right one for your storage needs. Plastic boxes are reusable, easy to clean and help keep moisture at bay unlike the cardboard alternative.

You’ll find boxes suitable for foolscap files and paperwork, tools, clothing, stationery, cleaning products and almost anything you’d like to keep organised or out of sight. Before browsing the plastic storage range, you may want to consider the following:

How big is the item you want to store?

We have boxes of all sizes, from the tiny 0.3L containers to the extra large 145L boxes.

The smaller plastic boxes are great for parts such as nuts and bolts or arts and craft supplies. They are perfect for schools, can easily be stacked and some are supplied with a box holder to keep them organised.

If you need something slightly bigger, but still small enough to be kept in a drawer or on your desk, Really Useful Boxes have a 9L box, which perfectly fits A4 documents. If you require a little more, the 35L and 64L boxes will comfortably fit larger quantities of paperwork in A4 folders or neatly organised in foolscap files.

The large boxes are perfect for storing big objects such as tools, maintenance equipment or clothing and could be used for items in a stock room, a garage or outdoors. The large Strata storage box on wheels, for example, is a great solution for outdoor storage and ideal for gardening or camping equipment.

Can you store food in the boxes?

One of the most common questions we get asked, is can you store food in them? Some of the boxes we sell are made from food grade plastic, such as the Whitefurze boxes. However, these boxes are not air tight so we wouldn’t recommend storing food which needs to be sealed.

Do you need easy access to the contents?

Many of our storage boxes are made from translucent plastic to allow easy identification of the contents. This is ideal when you need to locate something quickly, however you should consider that these boxes do let sunlight in, so items such as paperwork or clothing could be discoloured by UV rays. Luckily, the Really Useful and Wham ranges include solid colour boxes to offer you the alternative should you need it. If you need quick access but are cautious of putting strain on your back, opt for one of the boxes with wheels. The Strata and Wham ranges both offer boxes for easy manoeuvring, ranging from 75 to 145 Litre boxes.

Should you want access to the contents whilst keeping your boxes neatly stacked, the best option is one of our stackable plastic boxes, they either come with an open front or with folding lids – these require no lifting or moving at all!

Where you will store it?

You can store these boxes wherever you have space in your business or home. They are made from robust polypropylene and most come with secure clip lock lids making them ideal for stacking and saving you space.

If you opt for one of our bulk buy plastic box deals and are concerned about saving space, just remember that the boxes can also be nested and will only take up the equivalent of one box in terms of floor space.

If you want to keep the box in an attic, garage or shed it will protect against some dust, however there is no guaranteed some damp or dust won’t enter the container, as they aren’t completely air tight. Another consideration to bear in mind is the temperature the box will be kept in. If boxes are stored outside of their working temperature they can either become brittle when cold or distort in shape when hot. Check the manufacturers label if you’re looking to store yours in very hot or cold locations.

If you’re looking for something a little more durable to use in a warehouses or for distribution, the Euro containers and stacking crates are highly recommended. The euro containers are high quality, impact resistant and fit on Euro pallets and the range of crates allow for ventilation and stack neatly – most of these are also in Euro dimensions.

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