How to measure pallet racking

Pallet racking can vary between brands and is available in a range of dimensions, lengths, and capacities, so it is imperative that the pallet racking beams are measured accurately to ensure that they are fit for purpose in your workplace. Moreover, you may decide to replace any current beams you have which make measuring the correct dimensions slightly trickier. This article will detail how you can measure pallet racking accurately so that you can order and install the right pallet racking for your individual needs. 

Why do you need to measure pallet racking beams?

Typically, standard pallet racking beams (between 1350mm and 3300mm) are measured differently across manufacturers so they can vary in size. If your pallet racking is slightly too large or small, you may have difficulty fitting it to your current shelving and racking units. 

How to measure pallet racking

Here’s how to measure the height, width, and depth of your pallet racking in a few easy steps with a tape measure:

  1. Measuring the pallet racking width

The standard width of pallets is around 40 inches but you will need to determine the size of your pallets first as this will determine how wide your pallet racking system needs to be. To measure the width of a pallet racking beam, you need to measure from the inside of one of the upright frames and measure the length from there to the opposite upright frame.

  1. Measure the pallet racking frame’s depth

This is the measurement of the face of the crossbeam where pallets/goods will sit. You will need to measure the crossbeam from top to bottom – this is an important step in the measurement process because it can help you to determine how much weight your pallet racking can support – essentially, the larger the beam face is, the higher the load capacity. 

  1. Measure the pallet racking height

This measures how tall the front of the upright frame of the pallet racking beam is from top to bottom. Take your tape measure and hold it at the bottom of the frame above the base plate and measure up to the top.

Pallet racking considerations

Obtaining the right measurements for your pallet racking is just one step, you also need to consider the following factors:

  • What is the pallet racking being used for? You will need to ensure that your pallet racking has the right weight capacity for your stock (also known as the safe working load).
  • Who is the manufacturer? (you should check this if you’re adding to some existing pallet racking or replacing parts).
  • What type of pallet racking beams do you need? There are two types of pallet racking beams: 
  • Box beams – these are completely enclosed and are typically used for heavy loads so they are ideal for storing pallets on timber decks
  • Open beams – these are best for lighter materials goods and commonly feature wire mesh decks or chipboard decks.

Looking for pallet racking?

If you’re looking for pallet racking, Manutan has got you covered! From pallet racking frames to timber decks, we have everything you need to build safe and durable pallet racking in your workhouse. 

Not sure which pallet racking is right for you? You can contact us to discuss your needs further and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Kyle Bones